We believe that visual storytelling is a compelling and impactful experience when thoughtfully crafted. We believe that “thoughtfully crafting” involves what happens before and after a medium takes shape. We believe that meaningful relationships and a rootedness in the well being of our employees, our clients, our vendors and our friends are fundamental to our Identity. We are a collection of similarly spirited and diversely talented individuals, forming a single effort to produce thoughtfully crafted media by means of visual storytelling.


We believe that community success begins with relational investments in our local workforce, businesses, and industry.
We believe in supporting our vendors both individually in unison. Collectively we are Tangent Mind, but the strength of our workforce emerges in its diverse portfolio.
We believe in the perpetual improvement of what we do not only in practice, but in theory and execution through collaboration with entrepreneurial, social, and educational entities both locally and globally.
We believe in rotating our rosters per project in effort to yield the greatest level of energy and craftsmanship.
We believe that bigotry, contempt, spite, and prejudice have no place in our workforce or our Client list.